Campbell Cove – St Catherine’s Village

Madison, MS

  • Architect:  CDFL
  • Mechanical Engineer:  CDFL
  • Mechanical Contractor:  McLain Plumbing

In 2014, WME Controls was selected as the EMS subcontractor for an addition to the existing Alzhiemers unit at St Catherine’s Village, the premier retirement home, assisted living and nursing home facility in Mississippi.  The HVAC system is a 4 pipe system with air cooled chillers providing chilled water for cooling and high efficiency boilers providing hot water for heating.  Fan coil units provide space conditioning for the resident’s suites.  Additionally blower coil units serve as dedicated outside air units.

The original facility was constructed around 1995 and utilizes the same type of HVAC system.  The EMS system was a Trane Tracer system.  The challenge presented to Ward Mechanical was to take the existing Trane system and integrate it into the new EMS system.  Facility managers wanted to see operating information on the existing system as part of the new graphical user interface that was being provided for the new addition.

Ward Mechanical installed Johnson Controls Facility Explorer components as the primary controls devices of the new system.  The new building utilizes a BACnet MSTP communication network.  The system supervisory controller operates on Tridium Niagara AX operating software which is a truly open system that allows different legacy communications networks to be integrated into a common front end.  In the case of Campbell Cove, the new BACnet MSTP network and the existing Trane COMM4 network were tied into a FX60 supervisory controller.  Building operations personnel are able to manage both systems on the same front end graphics package.